About our protein spreads

Not only are they healthy but they are very tasty. Our spreads are 100% natural, made with only three ingredients: peanut, cashew nuts and coconut oil.

The way that is easiest for you. This means that you can order here, on our online store. But, if you prefer to have it on the same day you buy it, please find a physical store near you.

We can describe the ingredients we use, but the flavor, you will have to try it in order to find out.

To be honest, peanut spread is good regardless of the way you have it, but you can have Genius Nutz cold, hot, with fruit, cookies, pancakes, and by itself. How about checking some recipes out to inspire you?

The greatest benefit of Genius Nutz peanut spread is that you can have it free of concerns, besides being veeeeery tasty, really! It is very nutritious, a balanced source of protein and energy, and a source of good fats, such as omega-3 which favors the immune system. It also contains B-complex vitamins, helps to avoid cramps because of the magnesium, and a lot more benefits. Access our blog and understand the wonder that it will be to eat Genius Nutz.

It depends on your intention. Talk to your nutritionist to find out what is better for you at the moment. However, it is important to mention that, because peanuts are caloric food, it is important to ally their use with a balanced diet and practice of physical activities.

Yes, certainly!

Yay! We are going to love having our products in your store. Let’s do it like this: please send an email to our commercial team (contacts@geniusnutz.it) and they will answer you promptly.

Yes. In 100%-natural nut spreads it is common that the oil naturally releases from the nuts, and with time, the oil rises and collects at the top. Stir thoroughly and your Genius Nutz will have the ideal consistency and the unmistakable flavor again.

Each spoonful of our spreads starts with only three natural ingredients: peanuts, cashew nuts and coconut oil. No sugar or sweeteners. Do not worry, it is healthy and tasty, believe it.

All of them!